My name is Susan Raborn, and I am a certified mediator with specializations in Business, Employee/Employer, Family and Divorce. As a licensed attorney, I really appreciate the benefits of alternative dispute resolution. I have worked in the real estate, publishing, screenwriting, television, and movie industries. I have also raised a daughter as a single mom. In fact, I have seen the devastating effects of lawsuits both personally and financially. There is a better way! There is a way that resolves rather than destroys. There is a way that is cost efficient and leaves everyone with a feeling of accomplishment and dignity. Mediation!


Mediation gives you a neutral party, that's me, who helps you go through the process of conflict resolution in hopes of avoiding a law suit, or taking a time out if one has already begun. I do not act as an attorney for either side, nor can I represent either side. My notes and conversations cannot be taken into court should you choose to sue or continue in a suit. Our work together is completely confidential giving you the freedom to "get it out on the table."


Many people think they will simply sue a person and it will be done and over in a day. But that is not reality. Suits can last years. Motions have to be filed, myriads of attorney hours go into the process of even the most basic lawsuit. What you think is a small $1000 suit becomes a $40,000 suit that can last for years. It adds up. There is a reason for the warning to stay out of the court system and try to resolve differences among yourselves.


I hope you will give this a chance first!




  1. Think:

    Sue or try to resolve first.

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    Lots of money spent on a lawsuit or try mediation.

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